SWT Monthly Yoga Club ONLINE

Join us for our self-healing practice of the month CLUB! With the enrollment fee of $99 per year, each month you will receive a recording:

  • A full 30 minute practice made to progress you over the next month toward your next practice
  • A new 30-45 minute practice each month (these will include practices for ALL levels)
  • A 5-10 minute breath practice each month
  • A NEW guided meditation every 3 months

As an extra gift, during your enrollment, you will always have access to:

  • A 45-minute restorative yoga practice for “bad” days
  • A video including sound therapy practice (singing bowls)
  • A guided Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
  • Personal access to Marcie’s healing FB page where you can ask her questions and get answers!

Each month OR when you feel you are ready you can jump to the next level in your practice, pending your flares are getting better, not worse. It is recommended that you do the physical practice at least 3 times per week (unless you are having an extreme flare), in this case you would practice the restorative option. It is recommended to practice the sound therapy/meditation/breath work before bedtime to help you get a good nights’ sleep.


Restorative Yoga: 1 Hour

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: MarcieComplexity: Easy

This restorative session is purely passive release for maximal relaxation and restoration.

Slow Flow Yoga

Length: 55 minutesAuthor: MarcieComplexity: Standard

This slow practice is wonderful for strength, flexibility and balance.

Neuro for Glutes

Length: 20 minutesAuthor: MarcieComplexity: Easy

This video helps train the glutes if they are not firing properly.