• Serenity Wellness Therapy Iowa City Membership

    by Marcie

    These videos are highly recommended videos to practice outside of our group classes and private training programs. They involve neural and muscular activation, fascial release, strength, flexibility and much more! All this for only $45, lifetime membership if you attend classes at our studio. Some of these exercises are done easily at home with a [...]

  • SWT Monthly Yoga Club ONLINE

    by Marcie
    21 Lessons

    Join us for our self-healing practice of the month CLUB! With the enrollment fee of $99 per year, each month you will receive a recording: A full 30 minute- 55 minute practice made to progress you over the next month toward your next practice A new 30-45 minute practice each month (these will include practices [...]

  • LIVE ONLINE Sjogren's Yoga Therapy Pilot Group

    by Marcie
    12 Lessons
    • Healing Sjogren's with Yoga Therapy Recordings - $50.00

    Virtual LIVE offering 11:15 AM-12 noon CST (Central) Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sessions will also be recorded and posted 48 hours after our LIVE session.) 6 Week Series (meeting twice per week) beginning Thursday April 21st and running through Tuesday May 31st. Here are the learning objectives of this program: Learn techniques to calm and relax the [...]


    by Marcie
    0 Lessons

    This link will take you to our class scheduling page. If you are looking for online classes, and not able to attend class in our Iowa City, IA location, please only register for classes that state “ONLINE ONLY”. These classes are meant for individuals who are mobile enough to get up and down from the [...]

  • Morning & Evening Practice, Sjogren's Syndrome

    by Marcie
    • Morning & Evening Practice Sjogren's Syndrome - $60.00
  • Gentle Yoga for Pain

    by Marcie
    • Gentle Yoga for Pain - $60.00

    This Yoga practice will help with pain management and  provide postures done with a chair, or lying on the floor (or on a bed) with pillows for support. It is great for helping relieve pain as it helps the practitioner connect to the parasympathetic nervous system (our rest and digest, and healing response).

  • Pilates and Yoga for Scoliosis Mindfulness

    by Marcie
    • Pilates and Yoga for Scoliosis Mindfulness - $60.00

    This practice is for strengthening and stretching the body for those with scoliosis.

  • Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, and Polyvagal Theory for Aiding the Autoimmune Healing Process

    by Marcie
    • Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda, and Polyvagal Theory for Aiding the Autoimmune Healing Process - $500.00

    REGISTRATION ENDS April 15th, 2022! **Register on or before April 1st, 2022 and receive $50 off the $500 registration fee. Who is this workshop for? – Anyone with autoimmune disease who would like to learn about self-healing – Yoga Therapists – Allied Health Care Practitioners and Holistic Practitioners – Yoga Teachers – Health Coaches interested [...]

  • Prenatal Yoga for All Trimesters

    by Marcie
    • Prenatal Yoga for All Trimesters - $60.00

    This practice is one hour in length. It is customized for prenatal during any trimester. It will give you a gentle and relaxing practice to use for relaxation, labor and delivery preparation.

  • Gentle Yoga for Autoimmune Healing

    by Marcie
    • Gentle Yoga for Autoimmune Video Access (1 Hour) - $60.00

    This practice is one hour. It includes a morning 30-minute practice for getting joints moving and lymphatic flow/drainage, as well as a 30-minute nighttime practice to initiate a better night’s sleep.