• Serenity Wellness Therapy Iowa City Membership

    by Marcie

    This video are recommended videos to practice outside of classes. They involve neural and muscular activation and much more! These exercises are done easily at home with a band, a mat, small stability ball foam roller or a large stability ball.        

  • SWT Monthly Yoga Club ONLINE

    by Marcie
    17 Lessons

    Join us for our self-healing practice of the month CLUB! With the enrollment fee of $99 per year, each month you will receive a recording: A full 30 minute practice made to progress you over the next month toward your next practice A new 30-45 minute practice each month (these will include practices for ALL [...]


    by Marcie
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    This link will take you to our class scheduling page. If you are looking for online classes, and not able to attend class in our Iowa City, IA location, please only register for classes that state “ONLINE ONLY”. These classes are meant for individuals who are mobile enough to get up and down from the [...]

  • Autoimmune Basic Healing Course + Support Group

    by Marcie

      COURSE BEGINS: January 18th, 2021 LAST DAY TO REGISTER **January 16th, 2021** **Please check with your physician before making any major changes in your diet or fitness programs. This program is not meant to be a prescription or cure-all, but a kickstart to healing autoimmune inflammation. This course will address the following issues directly linked [...]