Autoimmune Basic Healing Course + Support Group- Begins January 2021


**Please check with your physician before making any major changes in your diet or fitness programs. This program is not meant to be a prescription or cure-all, but a kick-start to healing autoimmune inflammation.

This 6-hour course with a support group meeting once per week will address the following issues directly linked to the immune system, nervous system and digestive health. *This packet’s info is already included in the Autoimmune Healing Course

  1. Packets for self-healing, triggers & tracking
  2. Nutritional balance, gut health, food allergies and sensitivities, how to heal your gut
  3. Priorities in work/life balance, establishing a positive foundation for healing
  4. Managing stress for autoimmune disease and maintaining a fitness program that helps YOU heal
  5. Getting rid of toxicities in your environment that are altering your hormone balance, and affecting your healing process, making you sick
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