Smoothie Nutritional Flood & Cleanse for Autoimmune


Learn all of the tips needed for a great smoothie cleanse experience in this 19 page PDF. It is a wonderful way to start off your healing process and can be modified to be AIP compliant.  *This packet is NOT included in our Autoimmune Healing Course

What’s Included?

  • Instructions on how to use the smoothies to maximize nutrition and cleanse the body
  • Details on how to create nine unique smoothie recipes
  • A “smoothie schedule” with a smoothie rotation to maximize nutrient density
  • A one-week grocery list for the smoothies so you have everything prepared and don’t have to run back and forth to the store.
  • What to do if you are struggling with some aspect of the cleanse
  • Many allergen substitutes are included.

If you live in a colder location, we also have a “Soups” Cleanse coming soon, check back with us! Please see our other PDF’s for the next step in your nutritional adventure post-cleanse.
 **(Please check with your physician before making any major dietary changes, this program is not meant to be a prescription or cure-all, but a kickstart to clean-eating.)