LIVE ONLINE Sjogren’s Yoga Therapy Pilot Group

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Virtual LIVE offering 11:15 AM-12 noon CST (Central) Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sessions will also be recorded and posted 48 hours after our LIVE session.)
6 Week Series (meeting twice per week) beginning Thursday April 21st and running through Tuesday May 31st.
Here are the learning objectives of this program:
  1. Learn techniques to calm and relax the central nervous system
  2. Learn techniques to alter hormone production
  3. Begin the trauma healing process with Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy
  4. Learn several postures with specific purposes for addressing symptoms
  5. Build a basic foundation for a future yoga practice (it may progress, it may be perfect just the way it is for now!) The key is to be patient with the process, yoga is all about the journey, not about the end result!